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Ethiopian Airline, which was founded on 21st December, 1945 is the best airline to travel around the world, especially to African sector. As it comes with the cheapest fare compared to the rest airlines, either direct or indirect.

Its main hub is at Bole International Airport and headquarters is Addis Ababa, (Ethiopia) from where it travels around the world. Earlier it was just to Africa, but now it flies towards, Europe, Middle East & Rest Top Destinations.

Ethiopian Airline Luggage Allowance:

1). Economy Class: 53 kgs in total per passenger (Adult or Child): 02 check-in bags of 23 kgs each & one hand luggage of 07 kgs.

2). Business Class: 76 kgs in total per passenger (Adult or Child): 03 check-in bags of 23 kgs each & one hand luggage of 07 kgs.

Ethiopian Airline Special Offers:

We also offers special fares for our respected clients to travel to their hometown in low seasons & holidays like Easter, Summer, Christmas & Winter.

Plus, if client needs special assistance in any flights booking with Ethiopian Airline, we are here to assist them further. Like, if they wish to have seat or food of their choice, we love to serve them up as they require. And if client is unfortunately disabled or can not walk or any issues, we can request the Ethiopian Airline airport crew, to take best cares of clients.

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